Meet us

Nikolaos Psichogios

Nikolaos, curious by nature, has been working with offshore engineering for more than eight years. He has a bachelor in mechanical engineering from HMUC and a master’s degree in offshore wind engineering from DTU. Offshore Sailing is one of his biggest passions. Even though he enjoys working with hydrodynamics and fluid structure interaction his continuous drive led to the establishment of Seametry AS in 2020. Currently Nikolaos is spending his time between Copenhagen and Oslo working for Equinor as an external consultant.

Interests: Orcaflex, Python, Probabilistic engineering.

Languages: Greek, English, Spanish, Swedish

Jorge Ramirez

The explorer, Jorge is responsible for the business development in the company, organizing internal tools. Been heavily involved with designing ships and mooring systems, got a taste in using difficult softwares with scary names. Testing his experience as a consultant and management for the company. 

Interests: OrcaFlex, Literature, Computational Fluid Dynamics 

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English